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Path of Exile playing the action

I stopped playing HC because on the focus GGG added to SC play.

I stopped playing much with the game because skills were nerfed, game balances made, without afterthought to buffing the skill-sets (here's considering you Incinerate).

I usually stop playing the action at level 90 lately because... why bother?

These changes make the sport... NOT fun.

Funny thing is, the quickest most night to Buy POE Items unkillable build that had been featured in Mayhem SSFHC. Got 0... count em 0! nerfs.

Righteous Fire for uber damage abusing Occultist Ascendancy instead of caring for RotP, Shield Charge spam for god tier mobility having a Brightbeak.

And the danged thing was exploding in POE Trade T13 maps and running through them inside a blistering pace.


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