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 Path of Exile with the least enhance the droprates

Crafting good gear ought being affordable for all those who puts in the required time to scrape up a number of exalts but that actually isnt reality, honestly 1 good part of crafted gear may cost a lot more than any 10 average players might achieve from drops,that may be really a broken system, now essences usually are not about to fix that but may make POE PS4 Currency it slightly better.

The entire crafting system needs an overhaul.

 The gameplay should really be the focus, not how could i beg,borrow or grind enough in x number of weeks to have gear efficient at enjoying end game content. PoE could be a great game broken utilizing a very unrealistic economy.

There needs being more Essence like items, more crafting diversity and also a more realistic cost per item, rng aside, it can NEVER require 100s of ex for just about any full band of GG gear.

Make crafting gear fun not cost prohibitive.Or with POE PS4 Items the least enhance the droprates enough to pay for your inflated prices controlled due to the 1%

Dude, maybe you've even got a fresh Supporter Pack yet? Get from here while using the complaining please unless youve actually played for years and supported the Development with this sort of perfect ARPG.


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