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Advantages of Container Houses


One of the advantages of expandable container house is that it basically realizes modular and standardized design. It can optimize the design of house types. After selecting a good type of house, it can be designed and produced through modular design, standardized copy design and efficient production. It is especially suitable for the standardized construction of affordable housing and the construction of small and medium-sized houses.

The second advantage of housing containers is that their quality is guaranteed. Factory and standardized production of prefabricated building components can avoid human factors, avoid subcontracting in construction and control quality. Visit the construction workshop of Changsha Yuanda residential building. Building components are produced by manufacturing lines. For example, the bonding of steel bars and the production of concrete slabs eliminate human factors, and the production process is completely controlled by automated programs, thus solving " common quality problems", such as leakage of traditional building methods, sound insulation, heat insulation and poor accuracy.

The third advantage of housing containers is to reduce waste. This includes saving manpower, raw materials, time and technology. Components are produced in standard chemical plants. The on-site assembly construction basically reduces the inevitable waste of human factors and greatly reduces the waste of water and electricity raw materials in wet operation. No external scaffolding is required.

The fourth advantage is controllable construction time and cost. The traditional construction method is affected by many factors, the construction period is beyond expectation, and the cost is difficult to control. Therefore, the extra construction cost for construction is usually higher than the budgeted cost.

The fifth advantage is to reduce labor costs, labor intensity and potential safety hazards.

PTH's container house is an energy-saving and environment-friendly modular house, which consists of light steel frame, thermal insulation wall and roof system. These products are widely used in temporary accommodation and public housing projects. The container house can withstand wind load of 210 km / h and its service life can exceed 10 years.

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