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Assembled Warehouse: Promoting the Process of " Logistics Intelligence"


The most important progress of mankind depends on scientific and technological inventions. The ultimate aim of inventions and innovations is to control the material world and harness the power of nature to meet human needs. This expression of the ultimate goal of science and technology shows a way to know the world with science and technology.

Let Architecture Sound and Create Logistics Value

At the beginning of last century, a small group of German engineers invented a new architectural form, prefabricated buildings. The form is between permanent and temporary. The design of the module and lightweight materials have made it widely used in various fields as soon as it was born. In its birthplace, Germany, after a hundred years of gestation, Shenzhen Yashang brought it to China Logistics, a land full of vitality. After years of exploration and exploration, we are surprised to find that it radiates new vitality and transforms people's understanding of logistics.

Under the requirements of the three vertical and five horizontal national strategic policies, all kinds of logistics enterprises and capital have worked hard to build one network after another in node cities, including storage networks, trunk transport networks, distribution networks, information networks and financial networks. Just like an old fisherman, one must weave a dense network to make the whole world logistics. However, the heart is like a leaf, and everything in the world is just a thought, and there is always something wrong with it.

In the network of storage facilities, there is still a contradiction between supply and demand in terms of structure and regional distribution. The phenomenon that high vacancy rate and high rent coexist, rapid warehouse building and storage efficiency decrease, and door closing and switching coexist has emerged. Tracing back to its source, this is the ruin of fixed storage investment and is difficult to change in the short term.

However, when assembled warehouses appeared in the logistics industry, they quietly built another dynamic flexible storage network under the fixed storage network, making up for the defects of fixed storage, coping with the uncertainty brought by market adjustment and logistics demand to the maximum extent, and eliminating the diversity and complexity of the last kilometer. Assembled warehouse can realize the dynamic and static combination of storage facilities layout and bring into play greater effects.

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