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Characteristics of Steel Structure Residence


With the increase of steel output, the development of economy, the development of new technologies and the development of steel structures in our country, the time is ripe.

Steel structure residence has the advantages of light weight, good earthquake resistance, short construction period and less environmental pollution. According to the current situation and material conditions of our country's residential industry, steel structure residence will surely become the mainstream of residential structure system.

The following is a description of the research on the characteristics, comprehensive economic benefits and structural system composition of steel-structure residential buildings. It discusses the reasons why steel-structure residential buildings are popular abroad and their development history, current situation, prospect and engineering application in China. It also analyzes the feasibility of realizing the industrialization of steel-structure residential buildings in China and puts forward possible solutions and suggestions for some problems that need to be solved urgently in the development.

It can be summarized as follows:

1. By comparing with the traditional structure, this paper expounds the technical, economic and social advantages of steel structure applied in residential buildings. It can be considered that steel structure residential buildings are green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving sustainable buildings with bright development prospects in China.

2. Through the analysis of the development history of steel structure residence at home and abroad, the necessity of the development of steel structure residence in our country and the obvious advantages of steel structure in the industrialization of residence are studied.

3. Studied the structural system composition, advantages and disadvantages and application of steel structure residential buildings, and put forward solutions and measures to solve the problems existing in energy saving of steel structure residential buildings.

4. Analyze and study the difficulties, resistance and problems to be solved in the development of steel structure residential buildings in our country at the present stage, and put forward possible solutions and suggestions, with special emphasis on the need for government support and strengthening the training and cultivation of personnel engaged in the design and construction of steel structure residential buildings.

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