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Energy Saving Method Using Paddy Separator Equipment(一)


Although rice is the main food of human beings, the proportion of amino acid components of rice protein, for the source of human protein, the balance of resources needs to be improved. Therefore, today, the use of Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) equipment is getting higher and higher, paddy separator equipment can not only increase the balance of rice nutrition, the scientific nature of nutrition structure, the safety of nutrient carriers, but also reduce the intake of starch, avoiding The storage of many thermal substances in the body is very beneficial to people's health. So, how can we save energy when using paddy separator equipment?

The main methods of energy saving for paddy separator equipment are as follows:

1. The electricity consumption of paddy separator equipment, a workshop should be subdivided into several workshop departments or sub-processes as accurately as possible. The power required by these sub-processes can be accurately determined by the measurement method of integer power.

2. Paddy separator equipment When energy consumption is high, power measurement is also a cooperative method to indicate production operations. In production, equipment maintenance and repair plans must be strictly implemented to reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.

3. During the use of paddy separator equipment, “peak production” can be adopted. By dividing energy utilization into different periods, the energy-intensive production process can be placed in a period of low electricity consumption rate. The seal is mainly used, and the suction is supplemented to reduce and prevent dust from overflowing.

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