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Holdem Hands

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The odds calculator tool is the ultimate tool to boost your winnings, no doubt about it. The review that we have posted before allows you to choose a software application that gives you the exact winning odds that you have when playing a certain poker hand. What more could you want? Well, there might be a problem using this odds calculator when you visit a real casino. Obviously the problem is you can’t carry an electronic device inside a real casino. Honestly I’m not sure if that is allowed in case someone would try it, but since I haven’t seen anyone using laptops there is a good chance that type of activity is not allowed inside the game rooms. In these cases it all comes down to personal knowledge and experience. But you don’t have to invent the wheel if someone has done it before and can show you how to do it yourself. Using that principle we will try to show you how to recognize a good hand, whether you have from the start or the flop/turn/river helps you get a good combination of cards.
Rank of hands is the basic of the poker game. Its what decides if you’re a winner or not. Here is a descending order of them:
Royal Flush – five cards in a straight, all five of the same suit, Ace high
Straight Flush – five cards in a straight, all five of the same suit
Four of a Kind – four cards of the same rank
Full House – a group of three cards are of the same rank. The 4-th card is of the same rank as the 5-th, but different rank as the first group of three cards
Flush – all five cards of the same suit
Straight – all five cards are in a straight rank order (one rank right after another). Ace can also be low (before 2)
Three of a kind – three of the cards are of the same rank
Two pairs - a group of two cards are of the same rank. A 3-rd card is of the same rank with a 4-th card, but different rank from the first group of two cards.
One pair - two cards are of the same rank
High Card – this applies when you don’t have of the combinations posted above. In this case your highest card determines your hand ( “king high”)

Statistics say there are about 20 starting hands that give you 17-18% chances to win that round considering a 10 players table. The less players at the table the greater the chances you have to win. The chances to get a pair as starting cards are about 7% and about 25% to get suited cards.
There is a top starting hand that we will provide for you:
1.The best possible hand is Ace-Ace, also called American Airlines. It seems this hand is winning more than any other combination.
2.King-King seems to be also a good winner, though dominated by the Aces.
3.Queen-Queen is the 3-rd best combination you can get at the start of a game.
4.Ace-King is among the best hands you can receive when starting the game, especially if the cards are suited.
5.Jack-Jack is also in the first half of the top 10 holdem hands winning around 1 out of 5 times played. The second half of the table looks like this:
6.Ace-Queen (suited is better)
7.King-Queen (also suited is better)
8.Ace-Jack (suited is better again)
9.King-Jack (suited)
10.Ace-ten (suited of course)

You can read more about this tips and tuttorial on sites, that contain miami club online casino review and it can help you. And if talked about the best possible hands you can get at the start of a game I now want to mention the worst possible cards you can get. There are a few different visions about “bad hands”, but the main ideea is you could flop if your first hand is a 2-7 for example. The ideea is you cant get a straight since you need 4 other cards in order to link the 2 with the 7. Just in case they are suited and a flush comes in, the chances that some other player has a higher flush are immense. You can still get pairs out of this combination but those pairs would also be so small that your chances wont be much better than they were at the start of that certain hand. Based on the same ideea the 2-8, 2-9, 3-8, 3-9 combinations are also hard to become winners, so think twice before staying in the game with such cards.

As I always said, these are statistic facts, things can happen different from the way things are seen by the odds calculators or any other kind of experts. Almost in every situation there is at least one card that can turn the odds around. So play safe and most important, have fun!


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