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How Rice Destoner Equipment Handles Rice


Rice is a kind of non-cereal food, which is loved by many people because of its high nutritional value. However, if you want to eat quality rice products, you need to buy products that have been processed again by Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment. Because the processed rice has been removed a lot of impurities, both on the taste and nutritional value is better. So how does the rice destoner equipment reprocess the rice? Next, please take a look at the introduction of the following article!

The processing technology of mechanical + water washing and soap removal is almost always used internationally. Some small manufacturers or workshops of rice destoner equipment in China do not have the conditions for processing rice. It is necessary to choose a regular manufacturer.

The new rice shelling and polishing equipment that has been continuously improved by rice destoner equipment can clean the stone, remove impurities, remove shell, remove saponin, polish, select, classify and select functions, and has high removal rate and granules. The advantages of low quality, high quality finished products and good taste are welcomed by customers at home and abroad.

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