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I'm back at Maplestory 2 Mesos from a very long

Hey All! I'm back at Maplestory 2 Mesos following a very long hiatus and noticed the newest reboot update (but maybe not so a new comer to some folks)! Just a suggestion nevertheless it would be very useful to either enlarge reboot to any or all worlds down the line or to produce a purpose where we might transfer characters to MapleStory 2 Mesos many reboot universe. I am crazy about my zero and should not imagine playing another class due to it is play style, unfortunately all my girlfriends have started playing reboot now! I would hate to get to make a completely different personality. Anyways, I'm sure lots of people think precisely the same way I do which has probably been posted about before.

To elaborate on the exactly the posters above stated: Publish is quite distinct through the other worlds. Some people as if it some people don't. Altering all spheres for being like Reboot would shut down those players they enjoy the merching element of MMO's, or with more spare cash than leisure time and will want to have paid shortcuts to electricity as opposed to having to grind.Nexon did sensibly to Buy MS 2 Mesos offer Reboot alongside another servers. They may have to produce more Reboot-style servers, or merge some non-Reboot servers, even so the two options need being kept for the people gamers looking them.

In comparison to its moving characters between both varieties of worlds, which could cause imbalance. The whole concept of Reboot is the fact everyone is equal: everyone starts off with nothing and possesses to work for the things they get. If you earn a fully-equipped personality through the other world, that violates this equality principle.


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