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MapleStory 2 announces the release of the English version

Currently, gamers have been able to play before the game's survival mode called Mushking Royale.

As we know, since its introduction in 2015 until now, MapleStory 2 has always received the attention of many Vietnamese gamers by its non-target action style with extremely interesting, almost human attacks. Every player controls the character to move, toss the blow in the game through the keyboard. The game is a fantasy MMORPG product developed and operated by Nexon Korea.

Inheriting the success of the MapleStory 2 Mesos previous version, the game continues to exploit the cute and unique graphic style on the advanced 3D platform and offers new and interesting gameplay styles that follow the trend of the era but not losing the identity inherent to bring a virtual world that appeals to both old and new gamers。

In early April, Nexon America officially announced the MapleStory 2 English version of the homepage, and also opened the Closed Beta in May. Recently, MapleStory 2 has officially announced the main launch time. awake on October 10. However, for players who purchase the Founder’s Pack package, they will be given priority to play first from 1.10. In the official release of this version, Nexon will bring to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos gamers a lot of new things: New Class Rune Blade, 12 completely new Dungeons (versions) accompanied by raising the level (Level) of characters from 50 to 60 and many other interesting features.


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