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Operation Process of Paddy Separator Equipment


Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) equipment can be said to be a kind of grain processing machinery that has developed especially rapidly in recent years. Although the production cost of such paddy separator equipment is much higher than that of traditional paddy separator machinery, its processing technology also has many advantages, and it can better meet the demand for the diversity of food processing products.

First, the correct operation process of paddy separator equipment:

1. To select the power source and gas source that are suitable for the machine, turn off the air source and power supply before cleaning the paddy separator equipment.

2. The core part of the paddy separator equipment should have an electrical mastering module. It is not possible to directly scrub the body with water. Otherwise, there will be danger of electric shock and damage to the electrical mastering module.

3. Proper operation of paddy separator equipment can reduce the unnecessary influence on the selection and use, and it is better to increase the mechanical selection period.

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