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Paddy Separator Equipment in Summer Use Attention


In the summer, for food processing companies, the more troublesome thing is the high temperature. High temperature is generated in the operation of the Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) equipment itself, and the paddy separator environment is rather sultry, which is a relatively big problem for paddy separator equipment and operators. Next, let's teach you a few tips for using the paddy separator in summer to effectively ensure the cooling. Come and see it!

First of all, paddy separator equipment manufacturers can use materials that are wear-resistant and not easy to heat up when making machinery. They can not only control the mechanical temperature, but also reduce wear and prolong service life.

Secondly, when installing paddy separator equipment, it is necessary to keep enough space in the factory and well-ventilated windows to facilitate heat dissipation during use. If necessary, mechanical cooling equipment can be installed, and the cooling equipment can be reasonably adjusted according to the temperature of the paddy separator equipment to cool down.

Third, the paddy separator equipment should pay attention to the safe operation procedures during the use process. The general safety operation should refer to the manual, and it must be trained by the professional before it can be used for work. Minimize the damage rate of mechanical parts during use. It is necessary to ensure the high quality of the supporting facilities of the paddy separator equipment parts and prevent all kinds of debris from entering the mechanical operation parts to ensure the cleaning of the equipment parts. In the event of a breakdown, try to find a professional repair at a regular repair shop.

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