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Prefab House Can be built faster than traditional methods


The increase in the cost of construction in the US has inadvertently given Plant Prefab an advantage. There's a dramatic increase in land cost, material cost, labour cost, even permit fees, Glenn says. ‘You have never had all of those going up so quickly at once. In places like Japan and Germany and Scandinavia where it has been expensive to build for so long… it's no surprise that prefab is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, way that construction is completed.

Prefab buildings are a growing market. A recent article in Architect discussed the surging American interest in prefab, citing a new industry survey from the National Institute of Building Sciences Off-Site Construction Council that 87% of respondents had used prefab components in construction over the past 12 months.

Previously, prefab in the US was used mainly for lower cost, standard, non sustainable housing – like mobile homes. Now, with the unprecedented rise in costs for land, labor, materials and permit fees, and construction labor shortages (many left during the downturn), consumers and developers are looking for a more time and cost efficient way to do construction of higher quality, more custom projects – projects you tend to find in urban areas.

An added benefit: because prefabricated are build off-site, residents of surrounding areas don't have to face weeks or months of ongoing construction noise. That's one of the advantages that we talk about too – less disruption to a neighbourhood,Glenn says.

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