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Problems and Constraints of Green Building Development in China


We are in the information age. Facing the trend of economic globalization, there is a " dual" economic structure in China, which determines that China's industrialization will definitely be a new type of industrialization completely different from traditional industrialization. Contemporary domestic and foreign conditions have provided China with a historical opportunity of " peaceful rise", which is based on a profound understanding of this historical opportunity and shows us a development path to put this historical opportunity into practice in the next 20 years.

The new-type industrialization road is also a road to sublate traditional industrialization, that is, a road to unify criticism and inheritance of traditional industrialization. The pace of industrialization in our country is advancing by leaps and bounds. Compared with the highly industrialized level in developed countries, the gap is very large. Taking the road of new industrialization is to adopt the idea of leapfrog development and realize the goal of industrialization, which is the only way for us to realize industrialization. In order to adapt to the development of new industrialization, green and energy-saving buildings must be developed.

At present, many problems have been encountered in the development of green and energy-saving buildings in China. According to statistics, public buildings pay more attention than rural buildings and buildings for family use. In many areas, a large part of government personnel, especially some local building developers, have great problems and difficulties in real estate developers. They are short-sighted and very passive from the immediate interests.

Local government departments play a leading role in the development of the construction industry. They will overcome more difficulties in the construction industry and gradually develop and improve the construction industry. In the near future, the development of building energy conservation still depends on the local government departments to promote the development according to law and policies, otherwise there will be many problems in the development of the industry and the development of green buildings will stagnate.

Second, as the cost of green and energy-saving buildings is relatively high, the cost of building concepts and building materials is higher than that of ordinary buildings. For the purchase or lease of energy-saving buildings, people must have economic conditions. Ordinary families have invested a lot in food, clothing, transportation and education, and basically do not have much money to spend on them. Therefore, at this stage, the development restrictions of the construction industry still need to be stimulated and promoted by economic benefits in general. Only in this way can long-term sustainable development be achieved.

Third, in the construction industry, the management regulations and laws of the organization are not perfect. It is difficult to divert the existing laws and regulations on construction to energy-saving buildings. Once problems arise, the promotion by government departments and construction investors is slow.

Fourth, in terms of building internal heating and air-conditioning systems, the energy-saving standards of the facilities provided are not very high and there is no uniform standard. Therefore, the suggestion is that our country should improve relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible, and laws must be followed. So that the energy-saving construction industry develops steadily and rapidly.

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