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Rice Destoner Equipment Cleaning Process


1. In the Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) technology, there are also large and small impurities and light impurities. Any impurities left on a 5.0 mm diameter circular sieve are called large impurities; the material passing through a 2.0 mm diameter circular sieve is a small impurity.

2. The specific gravity rice destoner machine is mainly used to remove the shoulder stone in the grain. It includes components such as a feeding hopper, a flow regulating mechanism and a guide material control slab. The screen surface (fish slats) can be automatically selected from the stone by two balanced triangular zones and two stone outlets. The important link of grain content is directly related to the efficiency of de-stone removal. The wind supply system of the rice destoner machine mainly has two parts: a fan and a uniform wind device. There is a close relationship between the quality of the material and the process effect of the equipment. In the mastery of the flow in production practice, the excessive or too small flow rate of the stone machine will reduce the stone removal efficiency. The adjustment of the air volume, the amount of wind to the rice destoner machine can be judged according to the state of material movement on the screen surface and the quality of the two outlet materials.

3. The high-speed cleaning screen is a kind of body vibration frequency, so it is widely used in the rice destoner process to screen the grain. They are mainly composed of the feeding mechanism, the suction device, the vibrator and the supporting mechanism. The flow rate is one of the main factors affecting the BMX. The general rule is that when the flow rate is large, the material is difficult to jump due to the thick layer. Therefore, the cleaning efficiency is reduced, and when the raw grain contains too much impurities, the production efficiency is affected.

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