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Understand the basic characteristics of container houses


Nowadays, with the change of people's concept, people's demand for housing is no longer simply sheltering from wind and rain. From single to diversified, environmental protection, energy saving, safety and economy are the basic characteristics of modern houses. Containers combine these advantages into one. Because the expandable container house is also becoming more popular in China. Container houses have the following basic characteristics:

(1) Low cost. The price of each container is about 20,000 yuan, and the converted container house is about 900 yuan / m2, and the current price of coastal cities has reached 10,000 yuan / m2.

(2) Low carbon environmental protection. Waste containers are generally retired from transportation industry towels, so they can only be recycled as scrap iron. This process requires a lot of energy. Transforming these containers into houses can use less energy and turn waste into treasure.

(3) Modularity. It can be factory-made and manufactured, and the construction period can be shortened by 40%~60% compared with traditional buildings. The construction process is simple, almost no building materials are piled up and large engineering vehicles are available, which can be stacked, separable, removable, recyclable and so on. In addition, container houses can be mass-produced through assembly lines, which can greatly reduce costs and accelerate capital turnover and returns.

(4) Safe and reliable. The container is made of high-strength steel with high strength and rigidity. For the general container prefabrication cabin, it can reach the wind resistance level 10 and the earthquake resistance level 8.

Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing was founded in 1998. After ten years of hard work, the first container house was completed in 2008 and exported to New Caledonia. At the same time, PTH has gradually become a leader in the steel structure industry.

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