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What are the values of light steel structure houses?


Light steel structure is mainly used in guard posts, warehouses, guard posts and public toilets. In recent years, residential buildings have been vigorously developed. Light steel structure houses are also widely welcomed by everyone, and their value mainly includes the following aspects.

1. Practicality

Lightweight steel structure houses are practical, warm and comfortable, fire-proof and earthquake-resistant, with excellent housing experience, simple construction in the initial stage of building, fast construction speed, and new wall materials, which make the houses warm in winter and cool in summer.

2. Environmental protection

Light steel structure houses are made of environmentally friendly materials and will not produce harmful substances. They are basically constructed by dry operations and will not cause harm to the surrounding environment. Manufactured by factories, site installation does not require welding, is it convenient? 90% of building materials can be recycled, of which 100% of light steel joists can be recycled, which is really a green building.

3. Energy-saving

Light steel structure houses are made of advanced materials, OS board, cement board, calcium silicate board, sound insulation cotton, glass wool, metal tile, and real stone paint, so that the houses are heat-insulated and warm in winter and cool in summer, thus saving a large amount of electricity and also saving the later maintenance costs.

4. Ornamental

Light steel structure houses can be customized, with different styles and beautiful shapes. They are not only comfortable to live in, but also pleasing to the eyes. They are also very dignified in life. They can be built at the same price to look better, whichever one likes.

5. Lifespan

The light steel structure house has a long service life, can be used for more than 90 years, is firm and durable, and compared with the service life of the traditional brick-concrete structure of 50 years, the light steel structure has extremely high cost performance, can be disassembled and reassembled, and is very cost-effective.

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